Start-up ZiipRoom Wants to Simplify the Meeting Room with Cloud-Control

At InfoComm, ZiipRoom introduced a software-only platform for conference rooms and huddle rooms. And, the company announced it joined Logitech’s Collaboration Program designed to deliver exceptional user experiences through integrated, complementary products that are easy to use and install.

ZiipRoom’s patented software allows users to control the complete meeting experience via a cloud-smart app that recognizes them when they enter a room, knows their calendar and automatically provides one-click options for the most common meeting needs. The solution offers businesses benefits including:

  • Patented software leverages AI to deliver one, consistent meeting experience across all rooms, regardless of multiple room configurations or variances in devices or UC applications being used
  • Mobile-first design, with ZiipRoom apps supported on familiar devices users already carry and know, means fast adoption
  • One-click simplicity empowers users to immediately begin voice or video meetings and share wireless presentations without delay
  • Supports multiple UC services, BYO devices and in-room AV gear simultaneously — make changes any time without changing the meeting experience for end users
  • Installs in minutes, updates automatically and provides analytic insights; ends the training hassles and service calls related to variance in room configurations or UC services

Through the Logitech Collaboration Program, ZiipRoom delivers an integrated, exceptional user experience, as validated by the Logitech Software Reference Kit (SRK). This means that customers who purchase Logitech collaboration products, along with a product or service from ZiipRoom will receive a solution that is optimized for groups to collaborate anytime and anywhere.

ZiipRoom is here.