Sinocan Offers Bestboard, an Interactive Touch Panel Display Built for Corporate Applications

Sinocan International Technologies Co.’s ‘Bestboard’ is a high-end interactive touch panel display, purpose-built for corporate collaboration.

Bestboard’s high-end interactive touch displays eliminate the need for stand-alone projectors, PCs, TVs, whiteboards, cameras, microphones, and speakers by folding all of these technologies into a single slim, wireless and modular panel.

Bestboard’s stunning 1.7cm ultra-slim panel has a massive 88.9% screen-to-panel ratio while sporting an LG LCD anti-glare display with ultra-HD 4K resolution. Running either Windows 10 or Android 8.0, Bestboard provides 10-point touch with a 0.04 second, ultra-fast response speed due to the panel’s Cortex A72+ dual-core A53 1.5GHZ high-speed processor. Bestboard’s remote screen sharing functionality supports up to 32 on-screen participants and with two-way panel control, remote meetings become truly collaborative online environments where all parties are empowered to share and interact with content. Using EMR assisted pens, it’s easy to communicate ideas on the built-in interactive whiteboard application that supports the placement of images as well as the creation of shapes and annotations. Bestboard’s powerful hardware, strong corporate focus, and excellent performance are quickly making it the industry-leading display for all-in-one local and remote video conferencing.

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