Seymour-Screen Excellence Taps Acurus ACT 4 for Immersive Audio Demos at CEDIA Expo 2018

Indianapolis, IN – August 30, 2018 – Indy Audio Labs announces that Seymour-Screen Excellence and their CEDIA Expo 2018 home theater demonstration partners Audio Excellence and Wolf Cinema will again be using the ACT 4 Home Cinema immersive processor to preamplification and processing of their planned 7.2.4 demo in Sound Room #4. At last year’s Expo, the group’s demo received accolades from press, dealers and industry peers alike.

“This year we are again turning to Acurus,” says Chris Seymour, owner of Seymour AV and co-founder of Seymour-Screen Excellence. “We find the ACT 4 easy to use and does a superb job of processing. It was an integral part of our award-winning theater demo last year.”

Indy Audio Labs’ VP of International and Western U.S. Sales, Sheldon Combs, commented “Last year’s expo really raised awareness of the superb engineering and technical prowess of Acurus products as demonstrated by the categorical success of the award-winning Seymour-Screen Excellence sound room. The Acurus ACT 4 immersive cinema processor will once more feature prominently in this year’s expo for Seymour Screen Excellence. CEDIA Expo 2018 attendees have the great fortune to enjoy the total cinema package of Seymour-Screen Excellence, Audio Excellence, Wolf Cinema and Acurus and experience the brilliant fusion of vison and sound as a result.”

At the Acurus/Aragon/IAL booth, #3251, visitors will be able to see and learn about the Acurus ACT 4 16-channel &/or 20-channel processor, the Muse multi-purpose media room immersive processor, the M8 8-channel companion amplifier, ASPEQT room-correction kit, the Scorpion multi-zone amplifier, the Aries 2.1 integrated amplifier, and the Aragon 8008 200W monoblock amplifier.