Sagitter Releases New Junior Line of Projectors

sagitter junior line

Sagitter has released its Junior line of projectors — at the forefront of modern technology standards and use-wise caters for the requirements of the worlds of entertainment, accent lighting and museum lighting in one neat package.

Junior Profile is a miniaturized profile projector. In its compact package it has all the features required by the industry. Including:

  • DMX control. It is possible to control the projector remotely. This makes the product versatile for any type of use
  • Interchangeable optical system. Junior Profile offers the possibility to change the entire optical group. There are four (4) available variants 14 °, 19 ° (supplied) 26 ° and 36 °
  • Shaping system. Four (4) blades allow the most demanding users to customize the shape of the light beam to their requirements
  • Projection of gobos. Using the supplied hardware it is possible to insert metallic and dichroic gobos.

The light source used in the design is an efficient 30-watt white LED with a CRI index higher than 93 points. This special feature makes the projector suitable for illuminating objects where adequate lighting and a color rendering is desired that mimics ‘reality’ as close as possible. This emphasizes objects being lit without changing their real colors, just accentuating them.

The projector is equipped with a convection cooling system, specifically designed to cool the light source without the use of a controlled ventilation systems. This makes installations possible where a large number of lighting units are present and background noise is required to be kept to an absolute minimum. This is certainly a major requirement in all exhibition galleries in the world nowadays.