Ross Video Updates Its Range of Camera Motion Systems

ross video

Ross Video announced several updates to its range of camera motion systems that boost live production creativity. First, Ross is launching a new inverted S2 Lift for the Furio SkyDolly ceiling-mounted rail-based robotic camera system. Based on the floor-mounted Furio solution, Furio SkyDolly provides dramatic and dynamic camera motion shots from above. The S2 Lift adds elevation to these dolly shots — with up to 48.3cm (19”) of vertical lift — and has been designed to handle net payloads of up to 30 kilograms (66 pounds). The two-stage lift mechanism limits flex and minimizes sway, and the linear rail design ensures SkyDolly can be used in virtual set and augmented reality applications. The Furio SkyDolly delivers a visual impact that was previously only available with a jib, now with the benefits of automation. The new S2 lift will be available in May 2020.

Next, Ross is extending the latest MotionDirector motion control algorithms that were introduced for Furio rail-based systems at IBC 2019 to Cambot XY floor-roaming pedestals. MotionDirector’s complex mathematical algorithms offer more natural movements with synchronized axes as well as keyframed moves. Keyframed moves enable movement through a complex motion path across a studio floor in addition to synchronous pan/tilt and lens control. MotionDirector makes both automated moves and manual intervention better, allowing operators to trim trajectory (aka “in-flight bumping”) and dilate time (live adjustment of preset or move duration) while maintaining natural movement. MotionDirector dramatically improves the smoothness and versatility of Cambot XY pedestals, and all existing Ross units will be field-upgradable — no changes to the hardware are required. The full firmware update will be available without charge in July 2020 to customers covered by an extended warranty program.

Finally, Ross has announced the release of a new free control system for Furio and CamBot Pan/Tilt heads and Pivot PTZ Cameras. This control system is a new plug-in to the Ross DashBoard control system and enables access to all significant PTZ functions. Operators can store, recall and manage their robotic presets, and all axes are controllable on-screen without the need for a physical joystick. Key settings such as joystick limits, color balance, exposure and streaming settings are all accessible. For the Ross PIVOTCam, as well as the Furio and CamBot pan/tilt heads, this plug-in is being offered at no cost. The PTZ plug-in allows a mix of cameras and supports various Sony BRC models for a modest license cost.