Rants and rAVes — Episode 640: Yes, It’s True That Consumer Displays Get Used in ProAV Applications

Rants and rAVes —

Back with flat-panel TV’s first started being sold, you’d never consider a consumer TV for a proAV application. But, now, the consumer displays and commercial TVs are made in the same faculty and, in some cases, on the same assembly line. Sure, if you’ve got a mission-critical display, a digital signage application or a 24/7 monitor need, you’d be crazy to specify a consumer TV, but for just about everything else, TV’s work!

In fact, the most popular consumer display in ProAV is probably the Samsung line of LCDs and now their new line of QLEDs. Gary caught up with Almo ProAV’s Maureen Mead on today’s podcast to talk about this trend and when to (and when not to) use a consumer TV in meeting rooms, classroom and boardrooms. Almo ProAV sells both the Samsung consumer and professional monitor line and you can see them here: www.almoproav.com