Phoenix Marketing Expands Into Florida

Phoenix Marketing Group today announced its expansion into Florida along with the appointments of Tom Passafuime and Jason Lewis to manage sales in the state.

After several years of focusing solely on distribution, Gilray delved back into the sales rep world, in May 2018 launching Phoenix to fanfare and recruiting the talents of seasoned veterans. The firm has some of the highest-pedigree offerings in the CEDIA channel including Seymour-Screen Excellence, Audio Excellence, Metra Home Theater, Totem Acoustic, United Leather, Hisense, Techlogix, Crimson AV, Intellinet and more.

Naples, Fla.-based Tom Passafuime is an award-winning professional with 25+ years of success in the industry. He has driven sales for dozens of brands in a variety of roles including that of independent sales and manufacturer’s rep, distributor and retail. Previous posts include Sony, Audio America and recently as systems designer at Specialty Electronics. “I’m excited join Phoenix and get back out on the road to work with dealers across the state,” says Tom.

Fort Myers, Fla.-based Jason Lewis has been in the industry for almost 14 years having previously worked for AVAD, Audio America and SnapAV. “I take pride in my hard work,” says Jason. “My dealers tell me that I provide a level of service that is very rare; they know they can count on me any time day or night. I am so very thrilled to be a part of this great team at Phoenix Marketing Group!”

“Like our Southeast team (Mark Garijanian and Robin Roy), Tommy and Jason are the cream of the crop,” says Phoenix Marketing Group CEO/President Chris Gilray. “Their focus — which bleeds superior customer service and strong relationships — will be at the helm. Hand-picked by myself, each is extremely passionate and understands that their home is on the road in front of our friends/dealers. They are very popular throughout the state and they bring a vast amount of field experience and knowledge.”

Phoenix Marketing Group Florida Contacts:

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