Panasonic Unveils PressIT — Aiming it at Barco ClickShare, Crestron AirMedia, Extron ShareLink and Kramer VIA

panasonic pressIT

The new Panasonic PressIT Wireless Presentation System is a plug-and-play wireless presentation system designed to eliminate the need for cables and facilitates sharing content between different PCs. Attendees connect the transmitter button to their PC’s USB and HDMI ports and press the button to share their content on the room’s display. No setup, software or driver installation is required allowing up to four presenters at a time to display visual and audio content.

The PressIT Wireless Presentation System offers two versions: basic with the set-top-box or cableless with the SDM receiver. The SDM receiver was designed to fit inside the Intel SDM expansion slot of the displays, so no cable connection is needed between the PC and display. A set-top-box version can be connected to the device for displays and projectors without an SDM slot for the receiver. No dedicated software installation is necessary.

The PressIT will begin shipping in October.