Origin Acoustics Announces ‘Origin Pro’ Category of ProAV Speakers

origin acoustics origin pro category

Origin Acoustics announced its latest category expansion in a new “Origin Pro” category of ProAV speaker solutions. Origin debuted 3 UL 1480A approved models available with either a 5”, 6”, or 8” IMPP high-performance woofer. The woofer is accompanied by a 1” aluminum tweeter designed specifically for “today’s high-demand commercial applications.” Origin says front-mounted wiring and adjustable impedance settings for 8 ohms, along with 70v/100v with multiple wattage taps for each, allow for easy installation. It also says the C Bracket, combined with the screw-down end caps, allows for maximum vertical and horizontal mounting options.

These speakers are designed for indoor or outdoor applications and carry an IPX6 rating with UV resistance to “ensure reliability in any environment.”