New Invenshare Website Helps Integrators Share Overstock Inventory Lists


invenshareIn a perfect world, you would run your business with a 100 percent just-in-time inventory system,

where you order only what customers have purchased and only when you need it. But unfortunately, that’s not realistic. Through project change orders, swap-outs and exchanges, repairs, manufacturer purchase incentives and other unforeseen circumstances, you end up with unwanted inventory sitting on shelves doing nothing but collecting dust and tying up your cash., developed by systems integrators for systems integrators, is a new private, online marketplace that connects dealers’ inventory in the cloud. You can easily and quickly add your excess and unwanted inventory. When you need something, instantly search by manufacturer or model number. When you find what you need, you can purchase, make an offer, or even offer to TRADE for the product you need. It’s all built into the system.

Integrators can get more information and view videos on how it works at