Meyer Sound Announces New LEOPARD and 900-LFC Line Array System

meyer-sound-leopard-0415Meyer Sound introduced two new line array systems in the form of the LEOPARD and the 900-LFC as part of their LEO Family; these two are its smallest and most versatile members. Boasting what Meyer claims as tremendous power-to-size ratio with ultra-low distortion, the patent-pending LEOPARD line array loudspeaker and the 900-LFC low-frequency control element­ offer an unprecedented level of clarity, power, precision, and ease of use. With state-of the-art design, groundbreaking engineering, and premium quality components, LEOPARD AND 900-LFC are designed to create an exceptional listening experience across a wide variety of applications from rental to install and rock ‘n’ roll to classical.

System highlights:

  • Newly designed and highly efficient class-D amplifiers that virtually eliminate distortion while consuming less power and generating less heat.
  • LEOPARD can both anchor a main system in a medium-sized venue or integrate seamlessly with LYON in down- and out-fill systems.
  • Six LEOPARD and two 900-LFC loudspeakers can be flown using a ½ ton motor.
  • 900-LFC offers exceptional low frequency, clarity and impact inherited directly from its big brother, the 1100-LFC.
  • A complete system solution with MAPP XT for acoustic prediction, Compass RMS for real-time system performance monitoring, the Galileo Callisto loudspeaker management system, and the new MDM-5000 distribution module for routing AC power, audio, and RMS signals.

The LEOPARD is here. The 900-LFC is here.