Kramer Announces RC-8IR 8×15 Universal Media/Room Controller

Kramer Electronics announced the RC-8IR Universal Media/Room Controller, the first model in a new Kramer RC series of media/room controllers for training rooms, classrooms, boardrooms and presentation environments.  An all-in-one remote control panel for A/V and A/V related equipment in presentation environments, it has Ethernet-based programming and communications.

The RC-8IR is an 8×15 Universal Media/Room Controller wall plate, capable of executing 15 commands from each of its eight backlit buttons. It has eight communication ports – two IR (each 2×2 for a total of four IR emitters with IR learning capability), one Ethernet, two relay contact closure, two RS-232 (bidirectional) and one RS-485 (bidirectional) – capable of delivering up to 120 total commands.    

The buttons of the RC-8IR are programmed through the Ethernet port and can be labeled. It has IR-learning for customized control of external sources, and receiving IR commands from different remote transmitters without the need for an external IR remote control unit.  The RC-8IR can be “locked” to prevent any unintended use.

The RC-8IR Ethernet port is also capable of communicating with up to five separate IP addresses. In a system with equipment already networked, no additional cables are required.  The RC-8IR plugs into an Ethernet port and the unit can be programmed or room can be controlled via a Java based graphical interface from an internet connection anywhere in the world.

The RC-8IR is currently in stock and available from Kramer Electronics USA at a list price of $695.00. 

For more details, visit here.