James Theobald Named National Sales Director of Acoustic Innovations

February 27, 2017—Acoustic Innovations, the industry’s premier designer, manufacturer and installer of home theater seating and dedicated Theater in the Home environments and accessories, is pleased to announce that it is teaming up with James Theobald.  As the company’s new National Sales Director, James will assist the Custom Integrator community with their needs for current and upcoming theater projects, seating, and interior accessories.

James will also blend many of his unique Cine Living products with current Acoustic Innovations offerings. As the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Theo Kalomirakis (TK) Theaters for more than 18 years and, since 2009, as owner and president of Cine Living (formally TK Living), he has had well over 20 years in this channel.

“I have known Jay going back nearly 20 years,” said James Theobald, “and have had the chance to collaborate with him on TK Signature Theaters back in 2000-2001 while I was a partner at Theo Kalomirakis Theaters.  During the past decade, as the theater market changed, Acoustic Innovations and Cine-Living used this time to further expanded product offerings, update sales and marketing strategies, and acquire new designs and technologies.  Having this working history together, I truly feel that this new combination will prove to be an asset for the quality of the home theater interiors market.”

Jay Miller, founder of Acoustic Innovations commented, “Jimmy’s joining the Acoustic Innovations team adds someone with a depth of experience that’s unique in our category. He’s been instrumental in driving the concept of in-home Theaters for over 2 decades, and after a long friendship, I’m excited to welcome him to Acoustic Innovations as we continue to drive first class Home Theaters forward.”

Added James, “We plan to deliver the most extensive and flexible product offerings in the category, bar none.”

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