IHSE Introduces a Two-Port KVM Switching Solution for HDMI 481 Series

CRANBURY, N.J. — Oct. 17, 2018 — Addressing market demand for increased security conditions when connecting multiple computers to a single workstation area, IHSE now offers a compact two-port KVM switching solution for extended-distance connections between computer sources and user stations. The new 2×1 system makes is possible to leverage multiple computers or servers at one desk by utilizing a single keyboard, mouse, and display. Thanks to the company’s award-winning Draco vario 481 series extenders for HDMI, signals can be shared across long distances over a single fiber or Cat-X connection with perfect video quality and zero mouse latency. This new two-port package from IHSE offers convenience, enhanced security, and performance superior to that afforded by fixed-box solutions.

“With our new two-port KVM switching package for HDMI, users can connect high-definition signals from multiple computers over far greater distances — up to 140 meters over category 5e/6 cables or up to 10 kilometers using single-mode fiber — without losing quality or performance,” said Dan Holland, marketing manager for IHSE USA. “This complete KVM package offering makes it easier than ever to optimize operators’ workspaces and workflows while improving their access to the data and applications on remote computer sources.”

The two-port 481 systems include two transmitter units (TX) and one receiver (RX) to support HDMI video and USB HID for keyboard and mouse. The TX units include HDMI and USB HID for connection to computer sources, while the RX unit includes two input data connection links and ports for a display, keyboard, and mouse. In addition, the RX unit includes an extra HDMI port and USB port to capture computer signals located at the user station. Offered as a compact distributed system solution, these separate extender units from IHSE provide a desirable alternative to fixed-box solutions that require all the CPU cables to connect directly to the box at the workstation location.

At the operator’s station, a 481 series extender RX unit provides two input links to accept signals from computer sources positioned many feet or miles away from the workstation. Operators thus can work over a direct connection across buildings or floor levels without losing any signal quality. While the system relies on basic network-style connections such as Cat 5e or LC fiber, the transmission itself is a closed system protocol that helps to limit cyber-attacks that are normally associated with networked solutions.

The extra HDMI and USB connections on the RX unit allow operators to plug in a third computer at the workstation. From a single keyboard and mouse, the operator can take advantage of quick keyboard shortcuts to select any of the two remote computers or run a local laptop or desktop. By supporting two remote computer sources and one local computer, the new IHSE KVM switching package effectively serves as a 3×1 system.

Some applications require computer access at the device while the operator is in some remote location. To address this requirement, an optional package feature includes local looping outputs as well as a remote computer extender (on the CPU side) that allows users to add another HDMI display for monitoring. With this feature, network administrators or staff working in control room environments can easily monitor the actions being taken at the connected workstation.

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