HETMA Files for 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Status


The Higher Education Technology Managers Alliance (HETMA), founded in 2019 by Joe Way, PhD (University of Southern California) and BC Hatchett, M.A.Ed. (Vanderbilt University), has filed formal articles of incorporation as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the State of California. This move positions HETMA to further its mission of advocating for technology managers’ needs and their respective higher education institutions within the greater audiovisual industry, accounting for over $22.6B in global annual spend.

HETMA is dedicated to providing educational and networking opportunities to its members to empower and grow the influence of higher education as an industry vertical. A core belief is that all resources and services provided by HETMA are done so at no charge to their membership. Becoming a charitable organization furthers this goal, affording HETMA both legal protections and fundraising capabilities, according to the organization. HETMA’s membership has grown from its initial 10-member steering committee in 2019 to over 700 rostered members in 2021 drawing from a range of colleges and universities from large, small, public, private, religious, two-year and four-year institutions from around the globe. HETMA has already earned industry recognition by being voted as the “Best Virtual Event of 2020” and forming key strategic partnerships with AV-industry organizations, manufacturers and media outlets.

Executive Board Members:

  • Chair, Board of Directors: Joe Way, University of Southern California
  • Vice-Chair, Board of Directors: BC Hatchett, Vanderbilt University
  • Secretary: Annie Foster, Elizabethtown College
  • Treasurer: Dean Wentworth, US Courts / Formerly, United States Military Academy West Point At-Large, 3-Year: James King, Stockton University
  • At-Large, 2-Year: Erin Maher-Moran, Johns Hopkins University
  • At Large, 1-Year: Tim Van Woeart, Rutgers University
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Committee Chairs

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Kayden Kassof, American University Conference Committee:
  • Jimmie Singleton, University of Southern California HETMA Approved Program:
  • Donovan Monday, West Virginia University
  • Membership: Mike Pedersen, Iowa State University
  • Regional Team Co-Chair: Craig Shibley, California Baptist University
  • Regional Team Co-Chair: Will DeWitt, College of Charleston
  • Communications: Lex Peters, University of Southern California
  • Focus Groups: Raj Singh, University of Southern California

HETMA’s key 2021-2022 initiatives include:

  • Establishing the “HETMA Approved” products program.
  • Commencing focus group partnerships with manufacturers.
  • Advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in higher ed and the AV industry.
  • Establishing an AV buyers’ group for the higher education vertical.
  • Furthering partnership opportunities.
  • Hosting its fourth virtual conference.
  • Hosting its first formal banquet and awards/recognition ceremony.
  • Establishing area and regional networking groups.