Good AV Episode 6: From Policy to Action: How Sustainability Became the Culture at Freeman Audio Visual Canada

goodAV_logolargeThis month host Midori Connolly chats with Heidi Welker, vice president of marketing at Freeman AV Canada. Heidi shares some fantastic stories and ideas to help inspire and educate anyone looking to create a green policy and then carry it out on an ongoing basis. One idea that I thought was particularly interesting was the concept of a corporate “mentor” — for Freeman, sustainability at the Fairmont hotels was an inspiration and example to follow. What a great way to create and incorporate a sustainability plan… but studying how one corporation did it and emulating their practices and success. Freeman also used a committee comprised of employees who volunteered to develop their sustainability policy and action plan. By making this a top-down and bottom-up plan, they have been able to transform a formal corporate policy and procedure to become a way of conducting business that is authentic and natural. This was key for developing a culture of behavior that has become so successful that they actually struggle to keep up with all of the great green actions their employees take!