FREE DSE 2016 Pass for ProAVers and Guided Tour

Want to register for a FREE DSE 2016 Pass? Click here and use code: AttendDSE16


For years, our founder has preached the benefits (and profits) of the digital signage market for the proAV integrator. Yet, only 21% of the market is designed and integrated by commercial AV dealers.

So, we’re going to help change that. We NEED you to come to the DSE Show in 2-weeks in Las Vegas and, if you do, Gary will PERSONALLY tour your around the show floor and help you get in to the digital signage industry. And, it ’s all free!

DSE is the only exclusively digital signage show in the world. No HomeAV, no ProAV – just digital signage. Sure, there are display companies there (in fact, all of them – including one with an 8K resolution LCD and another with a two-sided 1” think OLED) but the rest of the show is filled with JUST digital signage gear- media players, creative content software, digital signage CMS systems, simple players, network players, recurring revenue money opportunities and profits – ton’s of cash. The digital signage market is LITERALLY 2.5x more profitable than the HomeAV market and 2.3x more profitable than the ProAV market.

So, why wouldn’t you at least fly in for a day – take Gary’s tour and meet a half-dozen (of the 205 exhibitors) and leave with a plan for getting immediately into the digital signage market?

So, want to take the tour? Register here.

Want to register for a FREE DSE pass? Go here. And use code: AttendDSE16

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Need more information on the show? Go here.