The Floating Point: Episode 6: Supersize My Code

thefloatingpoint-largeIt’s episode six of the Floating Point! Co-host Chris Tatton (@Chris_Tatton) returns from his undisclosed location to join host Hope Roth (@beerandpie) and this month’s guest, Jay Basen, (@[error-twitter-account-not-found]) to discuss templates, scaleability, and awkward interactions.

Jay is wrapping up a long, and illustrious career (seriously, we’re all in awe of his accomplishments), and has gifted automation programmers with both his thought processes and a host of original source code. 

We talk about how to create a system that will scale to a 40,000 square foot house (most of us call those “hotels”), how to plan a system out, and why it’s important to spend some time maintaining a template.

We close with some crazy stories about what can happen when you’re working in someone else’s home. How crazy? You’ll just have to take a listen for yourself.

Jay’s Home Automation Blog:

Source Code on GitHub: