Extron Releases New LinkLicenses for Select TouchLink Products

extron linklicense

Extron just introduced an Extron LinkLicense for TouchLink Control and the TLCA 1 TouchLink Control Adapter. These Pro Series control options will transform your wall mount, tabletop and Cable Cubby TouchLink Pro touch panels into an all-in-one control system. They will add flexibility to Extron’s latest TouchLink Pro touch panels, including the TLP Pro 525 Series, TLP Pro 725 Series, TLP Pro 1025 Series and TLP Pro 300M.

Extron LinkLicense for TouchLink Control converts a TouchLink Pro touchpanel into a full-featured, stand-alone control system. With this LinkLicense, you can control your AV devices via Ethernet directly from the Ethernet port on the touch panel. By adding the optional TLCA 1 TouchLink Control Adapter, you can control a range of system devices directly from the touch panel using the variety of ports on the control adapter.

The Extron TLCA 1 is a TouchLink Control Adapter designed to add traditional control ports to your touch panel installed with a LinkLicense for TouchLink Control. It features two bidirectional serial ports, one digital input, one IR port, and two relays to control sources directly at the touch panel.

Details on the LinkLicense for TouchLink Control and the TLCA 1 are here: https://www.extron.com/article/tlca