Extron Products Enhance Twitch Workflow and Collaboration Spaces in New York Headquarters

Twitch case study oneTwitch builds communities by providing a platform for millions of people to come together live every day to chat, interact and make their own entertainment. To help their employees work in fluid combinations of teams, the meeting rooms at the new regional headquarters in New York (referred to as HQ 2.0), include high-performance AV presentation systems. Each system also supports overflow capabilities. The support team can monitor and operate any system from a remote location if necessary. Working side by side with Twitch AV Support, Diversified, the AV integration form, deployed a standardized solution using products from Extron.

“We chose to work with Extron because they embody our Mission and Values here at Twitch to empower communities to create together,” said Kevin Little, AV support engineer at Twitch. “We know through collaborative efforts with them that Extron is a community, truly working hard to create solutions that work for us.”

Rooms include the company’s standardized selection of sources and displays. Each space provides DTP matrix switching or point-to-point presentation systems that work within Twitch’s infrastructure and organizational requirements. The size and use of the space determined the number of sources and displays as well as the type of system installed. Systems include wired and wireless connectivity, collaboration using an Extron HC 404 system, session recording, sound reinforcement and videoconferencing capabilities.

As an example, the All-Hands event space on the nineteenth floor includes a 3×3 video wall at the front and a confidence monitor mounted on the front-facing side of the first column. An Extron DTP CrossPoint 108 4K IPCP MA 70 10×8 presentation matrix switcher with built-in 4K scaling facilitates AV signal switching and distribution. For convenient overflow using professional AV-over-IP, Extron NAV E 101 encoders and NAV SD 101 decoders support the displays installed near the north and south entries over Twitch’s network. Portable HDMI devices can be connected to the system using any of the DTP T HWP 4K 331 D one-gang wallplate transmitters installed on the front and rear walls. To support Twitch’s custom SDI I/O wallplates and integrated SDI sources, Diversified installed Extron SW4 12G HD SDI four-input switchers and DSC 3G HD A scalers to provide local switching and signal conversion to HDMI for input to the matrix switcher. DSC HD 3G A units convert output signals back to SDI for devices connected at an SDI wallplate. A locking cabinet with rack-mounted system components, such as the matrix switcher and the NAVigator system manager for the NAV Pro AVoIP devices, is at the back of the room.

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Twitch Case Study 2

The chosen DTP CrossPoint matrix switcher provides an integrated DSP audio processor with AEC and a control processor. A large number of audio sources required the use of an Extron DMP 128 C AT DSP processor, so an XPA 2001 70V audio amplifier works in concert with SF 26PT SoundField 6.5-inch Two-Way Pendant Speakers to create a distributed audio system. The speaker’s unique single-cable suspension design allowed them to be flush-mounted to the ceiling beams without an extraneous support system.

The executive boardroom on the twentieth floor has the same functionality as the All-Hands event space. The primary differences are the installation of a DTP CrossPoint 86 4K IPCP MA 70 8×6 presentation matrix switcher and an Extron OCS 100C occupancy sensor, which is installed in the ceiling. It senses someone entering the meeting space and activates a series of automated functions, such as turning on the lights and powering up the display. Its integrated smart software monitors the room and automatically adjusts timer settings and sensitivity using ultrasonic and passive infrared detection technologies.

Twitch’s support team can monitor and manage the installation from a remote location using the GlobalViewer Enterprise resource management application. These products and the blended communities of Twitch, Diversified and Extron created the perfect environment for communal collaboration at Twitch HQ 2.0.