Extron Adds USB-A Socket-to-Plug Optical Cable in USBA Pro Plenum Series

Extron USB A male to female optical cable 3.2Extron announced the availability of USB-A socket-to-plug optical cables that extend USB 3.2 signals and power over distances up to 65 feet. The cables support a SuperSpeed USB data rate of 5 Gbps and deliver 5 volts and up to 900 mA of power to the USB peripheral device. The ultra-thin 0.24” (6 millimeters) diameter and narrow bend radius allow for installation in tight spaces, including plenum air spaces. Extron says its USBA Pro Plenum Series cables are ideal for professional applications that require reliable cable connection between the USB host and USB peripheral devices over long distances of up to 65 feet (19.8 meters).

The USBA Pro Plenum Series offers the benefits of fiber optics with the simplicity of traditional copper extension cables. Each unidirectional cable is terminated with a male USB-A plug for the host and a female USB-A connector for peripheral device connection. The cable draws power from the connected USB host computer, and a blue LED on the female USB-A connector provides visual status notification of host power presence.

The USBA Pro Plenum Series is here.