Earthworks Debuts Bold New Live Vocal Microphone

Milford, NH – Earthworks announces its newest microphone for live vocals, the SR314.

Social currency in music exists in concert halls and arenas, fairgrounds and festivals. Live music is the space that is fueling the industry. Now is the time for us to step up the game; to start delivering microphones with the swagger and presence that the venue demands.

The new Earthworks SR314 is a precision-engineered cardioid condenser microphone designed from the ground up to deliver a fresh approach to vocal miking in live performance environments.

Uncompromising Earthworks performance within a bold stainless steel chassis that perfectly blends retro and futuristic, the SR314 is for vocalists who expect as much from their instruments as they do from themselves.

Key features of the SR314 include rich open natural sound captured in a tight cardioid polar pattern that is consistent throughout the full frequency range. 145dB SPL handling and an extended 20Hz-30kHz frequency response are the footnotes on a vocal microphone as brilliant and striking as the rest of the instruments onstage.

The SR314 ships with an MC4 microphone clip and 8.5-inch padded protective bag.

MAP on the SR314 is $699.

Shipping March 2019.

NAMM #14902