DVDO Releases New H264/5-Encoder and Decoder

dvdo h264 encoderdecoder

DVDO introduced DVDO-H264/5-Encoder and DVDO-H264/5-Decoder to convert Full HD 1080p video from any HDMI source into H.264/5 streams over IP for use in video walls, video routing systems and livestreaming broadcasts. An encoder can be paired with a decoder to transmit 1080p video streams up to 100 meters / 330’ via a single Ethernet cable run, along with audio, USB and bidirectional IR/RS232 control. The transceiver set is also PoC capable, so only one power source is required to operate both the encoder and decoder.

Using an Ethernet switch, a single video stream source can also be distributed to multiple decoders paired to displays, acting as a video splitter for public information display purposes. In addition, using a simple iOS or Android app, multiple sources can be configured in a matrix and routed to multiple displays in a wide range of configurations, simplifying video wall setups.