Digital Projection’s dVision 1080p Projectors Adopt VIDI Technology

DVision 1080P projectors will now begin utilizing Philips’ exciting VIDI technology. VIDI is a Philips innovation developed in close cooperation with Texas Instruments in order to optimize the image performance of DLP-based projectors for both video and data applications. VIDI electronics activate the UHP lamp by way of a two-pulse system: one brilliant pulse and one dark pulse. The dark pulse enhances contrast, providing a smoother more vivid image, while the brilliant pulse boosts brightness by up to 25% to 30%, according to Philips. The brilliant pulse ensures there is a noticeable increase in brightness on the projection screen.

The Texas Instruments/Philips partnership in VIDI technology engineering allows the projector to pulse an individual color, or mix of colors by synchronizing the pulsing of the lamp with the cycling of the projector’s the color wheel. For example, if you want more red, you can choose to “boost” the lamp output (pulse the lamp output) during the red interval of the color wheel. Thus, red illumination energy can be 25-30% brighter without affecting the overall demands on the lamp or lamp life. By creating a “dark” pulse, grayscale can be improved by up to 2 bits, along with an increase in contrast ratio and a reduction of dither noise by as much as 75%.

Different pulse combinations can be created to optimize projector performance for specific applications. The company says VIDI technology allows color wheel-based projection systems, like DP’s iVision and dVision series, to improve performance and flexibility without negatively affecting projector thermal output, efficiency or lamp life.

The DP’s dVision 1080p-XB and XL projectors are currently available with VIDI technology. The dVision 1080p-XC will include VIDI technology in late March 2009.

To learn more about VIDI technology and to see some cool demos of the technology, visit here