Chief Bringing XL Fusion Mounts

Chief-XLFusioncart-0914Weert, NETHERLANDS – Chief, an industry leader in AV mounting solutions, expanded the installer-friendly Fusion Series to accommodate extra large displays and touch panels.

“Extra large panels are being used more and more in commercial applications such as digital signage,” said Nathan Bohl, Director or Product Management. “These larger panels require specific solutions to not only hold the heavier weight, but also adapt to the overall size and shape of these larger monitors.”

The Fusion XL Cart has rounded edges and sleek aesthetics to fit well in corporate and classroom environments. The cart continues the tradition of the installer-inspired Fusion series by including features for easy customization.

The XPAU cart was designed for extra-large and touch panel displays from 55” to more than 100” and up to 136 kg. The cart also can be customized for dual monitor video-conferencing use with the dual monitor accessory and a camera shelf.

Other features include:

  • A turn knob to allow a single user to easily adjust the screen height 122-165 cm
  • Flexible cable covers for lay-in access anywhere along the column
  • Room for internal storage of AV components, including hardware to vertically mount 2 RUs of AV gear
  • Black or silver finish

Since large flat panels hang in the air like sails, they require stronger and more robust ceiling mounts. Fusion® Extra Large Flat Panel Ceiling Mounts offer perfect display positioning and flexible adjustments. All Fusion mounts are UL tested and listed to ensure product safety.
The dual pole ceiling mount is specifically designed for displays over 127 mm deep. The dual poles provide a more stable system for extremely heavy and deep displays up to 136 kg. Independent height adjustment at each pole also helps installers compensate for any ceiling irregularities.

chieft-xlfusioncart2-0914Other features include:

  • Continuous tilt ranges with four set locking points to eliminate guess work when adjusting multiple screens
  • Simple on/off connection for ease of installation and servic
  • Tool free screen engagement with optional padlock security
  • Compatibility with traditional NPT and new CPA pinned ceiling plates and column systems

The XCM7000 mount also comes in a back-to-back version to create stunning digital signage installations in any location.

Fusion’s fixed wall mounts are engineered for speed of installation and usability with features that solve tough installation problems such as leveling and stud location. The XSMU extra large mount shares standard Fusion features installers love:

  • ControlZone™ Height and Roll Adjustment – an industry first feature for post-installation fine-tuning of height and leveling of the entire configuration
  • Centerless™ Lateral Shift – allows for up to 597 mm of post-installation lateral shift
  • ClickConnect™ – hear an audible click when the screen safely engages with the mount

The extra large solutions work well for digital signage applications, including control rooms, airports, restaurants and more.

More details are here.