Hall Research Extends HDMI via UTP

hall-research-uh-1d-0915Hall Research’s new UH-1D for extending uncompressed HDMI or DVI video using a single twisted pair (UTP) cable. The kit is comprised of a transmitter and receiver pair that handles resolutions from 480p to 1080p (up to 130 feet).

The UH-1D provides a loop HDMI output on the transmitter for connection to a local display as well as a single RJ45 output for connection to the remote receiver. EDID management is provided with the ability to learn and emulate EDID from any display using a “Learn” button on the transmitter. The receiver provides separate digital audio (SPDIF) and analog stereo (L/R) outputs in addition to the HDMI signal to the display. The UH-1D allows connection of an IR detector and an IR emitter cable to each end so you can extend IR signals in either direction.

Here are the specs.