Carousel Digital Signage Integrates With Power BI for Business Analytics

previewCarousel Digital Signage has added business analytics to its Carousel Cloud software through integration with Power BI, Microsoft’s AI-powered data visualization toolset for enterprise businesses. Power BI integration allows Carousel Cloud users to create and share business information across corporate digital signage networks, empowering executives and workers to make data-driven decisions that drive strategic actions.

Power BI provides users with a business intelligence platform to customize data sets and present detailed reports and dashboards across one or more company locations. As Carousel Digital Signage provides secure authentication through direct integration, enterprise businesses are assured that sensitive information, including sales figures and KPIs, are protected from hackers and outside intrusions.

Carousel also says Power BI drives stronger collaboration through multiple workspaces in its user platform. Two or more employees can leverage the same data to share insights and build reports across Microsoft Office applications, such as Teams and Excel. Each user can choose a report or dashboard to create a bulletin, filter important data and create sharable snapshots.

The company also claims retail businesses can benefit from integrating Power BI within their Carousel Cloud networks. Store managers can produce public dashboards on customer-facing displays to update shoppers on inventory or provide customer service metrics around service desks and checkout lanes. Corporate retail offices can also share sales figures and sensitive data sets across private networks.

In addition to presentations on Carousel Cloud-driven displays and video walls, users can deliver Power BI information over Carousel Express Players. This ensures that businesses reach remote employees by presenting company information over the corporate Intranet or on tablets. The Power BI program is natively accessible and managed through Carousel Cloud’s user interface.