C2G Introduces New Set of Adapter Rings


C2G has just introduced a new set of HDMI Adapter Rings. These patent-pending HDMI Adapter Rings are designed to add flexibility by connecting a USB-C, DisplayPort or Mini DisplayPort device to an in-room HDMI display to support collaboration in boardrooms, conference rooms, lecture halls or any other collaborative space.

Key features of these new HDMI Adapter Rings include:

  • Universal Cable Mount attaches directly to an HDMI cable (5-10 millimeter diameter)
  • Retractable Universal Mount attaches to any flat surface, like a table or lectern
  • Retractable Table Box Mount attaches to a Wiremold AVIP, Extron MAAP or FSR IPS opening in a table box
  • 4K Resolution Support: Maximize the performance of the in-room display and provide the detailed images required for analytical or detailed decision making. All adapters in the standard configurations support up to a 4K video resolution.
  • Color Coding: Each adapter is color-coded with a band that saves time and frustration by making it easy to quickly identify the adapter needed.
  • Pull Tab: Easily grab the adapters when you need them with the integrated Pull Tab. Also, the Pull Tab may be customized to feature a company or organization logo.

In addition to these key features, C2G backs these adapters and the retractors with a lifetime warranty—providing the ultimate peace of mind. Also, the configuration of the HDMI Adapter Ring may be customized to meet the exact needs of the installation by removing adapters, adding adapters like an Apple Lightning to HDMI or VGA to HDMI, or customizing the integrated Pull Tab to feature a company or organization logo.