BOSS Announces Two New Models in Loop Station Product Lineup, RC-505mkII and RC-600

BOSS RC 505mkII and RC 600BOSS announced the RC-505mkII and RC-600, two new flagship models in the Loop Station product lineup. Features of the new lineup models include:

The RC-505mkII

  • Each of the RC-505mkII’s five stereo tracks now includes customizable FX and Track buttons
    • Users can set up various parameters and trigger them with a press, hold or double-click
    • Pressing the Undo/Redo button reveals a secondary layer to double the control options
  • Two external control jacks are available for connecting footswitches or expression pedals
  • Assign function allows users to set up 16 additional targets for hardware control and MIDI operation
  • Provides an expanded FX palette to process sounds during recording and playback
  • 49 Input FX and 53 Track FX types to choose from, including new vocal harmony effects
    • Users can use up to four FX tracks in each section at once
    • Groups of four Input FX and Track FX can be stored in four banks for quick recall
    • Step sequence function is available in some FX to create dynamic real-time movement
  • Offers expanded connectivity and onboard audio processing
  • Two XLR mic inputs and two mono/stereo line input pairs, plus an input mixer with two mic compressors and independent channel EQs
  • Three stereo output pairs, a headphones output and an output mixer are also available
    • Assignable routing options and master reverb and compressor effects
  •  Panel faders have longer throws for more precise adjustments and rigid construction

The Floor-based RC-600 Loop Station

  • Captures multiple mics and instruments with six stereo phrase tracks and take full command with nine freely assignable foot-switches, three-pedal modes and deep external control support
  • Large, circular loop indicator and seven top-level LCD screen variations to provide visual feedback on current operations
  • 49 Input FX and 53 Track FX types
    • Users can process sounds before and after loop capture
    • Included are versatile effects from the vast BOSS library, a guitar-to-bass simulator and vocal FX such as DJ-style effects like Beat Scatter, Vinyl Flick and more
    • Up to four Input FX and Track FX can be used at once, and banks of four can be stored in each section for quick recall
  • Over 200 built-in rhythms in styles ranging from rock, pop and acoustic to Latin, jazz and electronica
    • Each rhythm type includes four pattern variations, intros and ending and automatic fills to transition between sections
    • Possible to import SMF rhythms using the BOSS RC Rhythm Converter software
    • 16 different kits to transform grooves with sounds from heavy rock to light percussion
  • Comes with the same connectivity and mixing features as the RC-505mkII

The RC-505mkII and RC-600 are the latest members of the famous BOSS Loop Station family. Other current Loop Station models include the single-track RC-1 and RC-5 compact pedals and the dual-track RC-500 pedal. The BOSS RC-505mkII Loop Station and the BOSS RC-600 Loop Station are $599.99.