Bittree Launches ProStudio PS9625i Audio Patchbay Family

Bittree’s latest introduction is the ProStudio 9625i 2×48 TT audio patchbay.

Like other ProStudio models, the PS9625i is designed specifically for pairing with transportable 500 Series modular chassis. Listing for $1,095,  the ProStudio is in a 1RU rackmount form factor.

The PS9625i offers 96 TT (bantam) jacks in a high-density 2×48 configuration, with DB25 rear interfaces for Avid ProTools and Tascam connectivity. The unit’s metal front panel and sturdy, fully-enclosed, seven inch-deep chassis provide superior durability, while its full-frame jacks, gold cross-bar switching contacts and internal digital AES wiring deliver solid connectivity, lower noise, and the cleanest possible signal paths.

Circuit normalling, grounding and bussing on the PS9625i can be easily reprogrammed via internal, professional-grade shunts accessible by opening the top of the 7.6-pound units. Front designation strips over each row of jacks (‘over/over’ orientation) enable easy circuit identification. The designation strips can be reconfigured to ‘over-under’ orientation, revealing silk-screened numbering between the rows or augmented with an optional third strip.

The ProStudio 9625i is available now. Here are all the specs.