BenQ Releases BL3201PH 4K Ultra-High-Definition IPS Monitor

phpGbBErqPMCOSTA MESA, Calif. — Dec. 4, 2014 — BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned digital lifestyle solutions provider and LED monitor expert, today announced that it is now shipping its 32-inch BL3201PH monitor. Made specifically for today’s professional CAD/CAM community and for users looking for accurate color reproduction, the IPS panel provides engineering, graphic design, and 3D-printing professionals with a stunning wide viewing area, lifelike 4K2K ultra-high-definition (UHD), new optimized modes, 100-percent sRGB color accuracy, and BenQ’s RevolutionEyes™ technology for enhanced visual comfort.

“Graphics professionals rely on color precision and the ability to see every detail to ensure the success of their work,” said Bob Wudeck, Associate Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at BenQ America Corp. “With our new BL3201PH design monitor, we’re expanding the screen size to 32 inches, adding 4K2K UHD resolution, and providing professionals with application-specific viewing modes — creating a design environment that makes detail-driven workflows more intuitive without compromising the device’s competitive price point.”

Featuring a 32-inch screen, BenQ’s BL3201PH design monitor provides CAD/CAM professionals with 4K2K (3840×2160) UHD resolution, IPS technology, and a wider surface where engineering, 3D printing, or industrial design professionals can more effectively manage their precision-based projects. The display offers a higher pixel per inch (ppi) rate, while the monitor’s 100-percent sRGB color space renders accurate, true-to-life colors. The monitor has been purpose-built to follow the sRGB (standard Red, Green, Blue) industry color standard — a well-known and widely used guideline for color accuracy in smartphones, monitors, cameras, printers, and now even projectors like the recently introduced BenQ HC1200 Colorific™ projector.

With a new optimized CAD/CAM Mode, BenQ’s BL3201PH monitor provides a special color map for popular CAD programs, increasing the rendition of smaller details that are typically difficult to see. To increase visibility in darkened areas, the panel’s Animation Mode automatically enhances brightness for darker zones without oversaturating brighter portions of the screen — giving users the ability to regulate visibility using 10 different adjustable brightness levels. Equipped with BenQ’s Display Pilot software, the monitor provides CAD/CAM users and animators with capabilities such as auto pivot, desktop partition, application tuning, PIP/PBP, and OSD setting adjustments on an intuitive onscreen interface.

For even easier setting control, the BL3201PH includes BenQ’s popular external OSD controller, which allows users to save presets such as CAD/CAM, Animation, Low Blue Light modes, and many others for rapid activation at the push of a button. Users can also easily connect keyboards or external storage media through the monitor’s four rapid-transfer USB 3.0 ports or using the device’s SD card reader — enabling plug n’ view capabilities for rapid content loading. To increase collaboration between users, the panel’s PIP/PBP function allows designers to share and compare content easily from two different PCs through any of the monitor’s available ports.

To increase viewer comfort during long periods of computer use, the BL3201PH incorporates BenQ’s RevolutionEyes technology. Featuring ZeroFlicker™ capabilities, the monitor uses a new direct lighting system engineered to eliminate flicker issues caused by backlight controllers. As a result, the eye-comfort technology enhances productivity and reduces visual fatigue by eliminating monitor flickering at all brightness levels. In addition, the BL3201PH is equipped with Low Blue Light technology that successfully manages the exposure of blue spectrum light emitted by computer screens, further contributing to more comfortable viewing sessions.

Now shipping across in North America, the BL3201PH retails at $1,099. More information on BenQ’s full line of products is available at