Barco Develops New Series of Medical Display Controllers

barco mxrt x700

Barco just launched a new series of medical display controllers. The MXRT-x700 series integrates the workflow support required for diagnostic imaging workstations as images often come from multiple modalities, both in color and in greyscale. The boards support higher refresh rates and resolutions than their predecessors to ensure compatibility with evolving protocols and modality requirements.

The display controller boards all support Barco’s Intuitive Workflow Tools, which were developed to enhance the radiologist’s productivity, accuracy and ergonomics. Some of these tools have achieved regulatory clearance for their use as a medical device accessory. Paired with a Barco diagnostic display system, the boards guarantee the necessary performance and expected support for medical use.

The new series of display controllers consists of four cards:

  • MXRT-2700, with 2GB memory
  • MXRT-4700, with 4GB memory
  • MXRT-6700, with 8GB memory
  • MXRT-8700, with 16GB memory

The x700 series will come to replace the x600 series, which is currently in use. The graphics cards can be bought separately, or in a system purchase as part of a full Barco diagnostic imaging system. The x700 series is spec’d for 24/7 operation and includes a 5-year warranty.