AV Power Up! – Episode Two: Drowning in the Drunk Naked Mainstream

Power-Up-rAVe-Category2Pirates. Metalheads. The AV Power Crew. If you ask us, we’d tell you that this may just be considered lunacy on the high seas. Or in the mainstream. However you cut it up, this may just be the industry podcast that takes it to a whole new level with comedy, tech talk… and musical artists.

Join the Power Crew: host Christa (@AVChrista) Bender, Corey (@Cbmoss) Moss, Chuck (@madsoundguy) Espinoza, Stacy (@Vaddio_Stacy) Kringlen and Johnny (@JMOTA3) Mota as they welcome to the show:

  • Mike Loss, lead guitarist from the Drunk Naked Pirates out of Maryland
  • Bailey LaBrie, vocalist from Drowning in the Mainstream (DITM) out of Vancouver, Canada
  • Steve Craig, lead guitarist and vocalist from DITM (also out of Vancouver)
  • Dave Millison, drummer from DNP (also out of Maryland)

On this episode, Chuck does a new segment “All About the Sound” as he talks with Mike and Steve about music, guitars and more. We also talk about doing a cross-continental swap of singers for both bands with Jason Perry of Drunk Naked Pirates also being Canadian-born. While we think that Bailey would be a great addition to DNP (and so does Mike), they have an upcoming unplugged show and we recommend that they don’t have Bailey sing in that one. Just sayin’…

We also talk about DITM and DNP getting together to perform on neutral non-North American territory — Bailey recommends Mexico and Corey recommends Minnesota. In fact, we have begun lobbying to have Minnesota become a country unto its own. While Stacy is all for it, other Minnesotans may oppose but hey, here on AV Power Up we call the shots.

And speaking of Stacy, she blows up the news on this show as we talk about Gary Kayye’s blog “Siri Has Me Saying COMMA” and you wouldn’t believe where she has him saying it. At least one #AVTweep that we know can identify though. In fact Bailey talks there too — to herself.

We found out that three members of the Power Crew, as a result of a lawsuit (not ours thankfully), have achieved instant fame. Since this is now being made into a major motion picture, it was determined that we should all be played by major Hollywood movie stars. Not exactly sure who was going to play Chuck but we believe it will either be Sylvester Stallone or Adam Sandler. Either way, win-win for everyone involved. And wait till you hear who plays Bailey.

Christa contributes some “Tech Nuggets” of her own and Johnny actually brings a Stuff with him this time. Last time he brought a Thing, so we expect next time it will be a Sting or a Thuff. Think about it, Johnny.

Corey does the Tier PM spot with assistance from Dave — wait till you hear this one.

Want more? Only one way to get it…

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