AV Power Up! – Episode 65: Vision-aries: A Discussion of AR/Pokemon Go and VR in ProAV

AVPowerUp_750x400Join the Crew: Host Corey Moss, Justin Watts, Katye McGregor Bennett, Deron Pinchback, Sandy Ciarlo and Joey D’Angelo as they welcome their guests:

John Greene – VP of Sales and Marketing at Advanced AV

Josh Srago – Design Engineer at TEECOM

Aaron Nicholson – Co-Founder at Studio Transcendent

The last show was “All About the Sound,” this one – The Vision. The Crew and their guests discuss two of the hottest topics in technology – augmented and virtual reality, as well as the game that’s setting the world on fire, Pokémon Go. John is for sure one of the most enthusiastic people about the technologies and the game (just ask Sandy) along with Josh, who goes in depth about the possibilities of augmented reality in the industry. In fact, Josh wrote an excellent blog which we discussed as well:

The World Inside A Pokémon Ball

Aaron Nicholson, who joined us from New York City (on the lookout for people staring at their smartphones) talked about virtual reality and his company Studio Transcendent, along with explaining the difference between augmented and virtual reality. For those who would like to know, this is an excellent discussion.

There are a couple of “surprise guests” on this show – one who confirms that her father has finally stepped over the line and another who may just appear in an upcoming show. 

Though there’s no Power Up from Justin on this show (listen for another great one on the next episode), this one was produced by The Google himself. You do get the Hot Jobs, so listen in for those.

Great subjects, great show – and more to come.

So sit back, plug in, open the mind and…


Power Up!