AV Power Up! – Episode 51: It’s Our One-Year Anniversary Show – And You’re All Invited!


So it’s been one year, and 51 episodes later here we (still) are. We began on March 26, 2015 (never said it was an official one year anniversary) with our very first episode “Power It Up!” with a Crew consisting of host Christa Bender, Corey Moss, Chuck Espinoza, Hope Roth, Stacy Kringlen and Johnny Mota and two wonderful guests Cory Schaeffer at Listen Technologies (yes she was still at Listen then) and Jane Johnson at Pivot Communications. And a wonderful show it was indeed.

Along the way we picked up two more victims – umm, Crew members – Rich Prevete and Jeremy Caldera and had tremendous guests all along the way as we talked tech and industry stories of the moment with humor and just good (clean?) fun. We closed 2015 with a bang and a great show to end the year (yes Cory was on that show too).

2016 began with an even bigger bang as Cory joined us again (sure she’s not a Crew member at this point?) with her QSC cohorts on out first episode of the new year, along with a shiny new Crew consisting of holdovers host (yep it’s true) Corey Moss, Johnny Mota, Stacy Kringlen and the new blood Katye McGregor Bennett, Victoria Barela and Deron Pinchback. And with this…

Join the Crew: Corey Moss, Johnny Mota, Stacy Kringlen, Victoria Barela and Deron Pinchback as they welcome their guests:

Jane Johnson – Managing Partner (joining us in a recreation of her episode one guest appearance) and Christa Bender – Account Manager (who almost wants to host this thing again) at Pivot Communications

Marika Acquino – Managing Partner (more Hot Jobs please) at Tier PM Staffing Solutions

Bill Nattress – Director of Channel Strategy-Paging (where in the world was he calling in from today?) at Biamp

Alison Maxson – Press and PR Specialist (calling in from poolside at CinemaCon!) at Barco

And – a surprise call-in at the beginning that let’s just say, well, no sponsor spot has been done quite like this before. 

What more can we possibly say but sit back, listen to a great show (yes from start to finish) and thank you all so much for being a part of the AV Power Up experience!

Oh yes and…


Power Up!