Daniel Shatzkes

Daniel Shatzkes

Danny Shatzkes is the owner and CEO of Harmony Studios Inc., an AV and acoustics installation & integration company. He is also the founder of Gig Gear, a manufacturer of accessories for AV techs, stage crews and all other live event and production professionals. Danny is a lifelong multi-instrumentalist musician and came to the AV industry by way of a long and varied career in the music products industry as an expert in audio and acoustics. Danny lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and five children.

Is There Passion in AV?


Like many people who work in AV, my journey to the industry came about through music. I’m a lifelong, passionate multi-instrumentalist musician, and both a studio and live sound engineer. I’m even lucky enough to have been in a band that had a Billboard chart-topping #1 single some years back. On the business side of […]

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