At InfoComm 2022, LG is Launching New LEDs, Transparent LEDs, OLEDs, LCDs and a Robot!

lg infocomm 2022

Using over 5,400-square-foot of show floor space at InfoComm 2022 booth, LG Business Solutions USA is previewing new LCD screens, all-in-one DVLED displays, new OLEDs and even a robot. LG’s booth in the Las Vegas Convention Center (#N2029) will spotlight a variety of commercial use-case scenarios in seven distinct zones that demonstrate how LG products support business needs in boardrooms, retail boutiques, drive-thru’s, residential home offices, professional creative studios and more.

LG robot infocomm 2022

Inside the booth:

  • The Smart Retail Zone exposes the many ways that digital displays can benefit stores, restaurants and shopping centers. The centerpiece of this zone is a massive 110-inch UHD LCD display that’s meant to improve spaces typically outfitted with standard 2×2 55-inch LCD videowalls. Several innovative technologies complete the zone, including wall-mounted stretch displays, a Transparent LED Film window overlay, a Transparent OLED Signage display, a 216-inch DVLED video wall composed of 16 LG 54-inch BLOC cabinets, two 75-inch window-facing displays and the CLOi autonomous assistants. Additionally, an adjacent exterior-facing area will exhibit a drive-thru window solution consisting of 55-inch and 22-inch high-brightness outdoor displays.
  • The Reception Zone highlights the creative and engaging possibilities of LG’s Transparent OLED Signage displays, while also demonstrating how 88-inch Ultra Stretch Displays and custom anamorphic LG DVLED signage can deliver informative and attractive backdrops. The reception desk arrangement also includes a 17-inch ultra-lightweight LG gram laptop and a 32-inch desktop monitor.
  • In the Smart Working Zone, visitors will experience technologies targeted to boardrooms, meeting rooms and training rooms/learning environments. Products shown include LG’s 136-inch All-In-One Smart DVLED display with onboard system controller and stereo speakers, 55-inch and 43-inch versions of the LG One-Quick Works and Flex 4K all-in-one mobile collaboration display, which includes an embedded camera, speakers and microphone on a wheeled easel stand, an 86-inch CreateBoard Interactive Whiteboard, the novel 28-inch 16:18 DualUp Ergonomic desktop monitor, a 27-inch UltraGear IPS UHD ultrawide desktop monitor, a 15-inch LG gram laptop and a 98-inch large format video display for classrooms.
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lg residential infocomm 2022

  • The Residential Zone is split into two rooms. The Private Office features a 43-inch One:Quick Flex display, a 14-inch LG gram laptop and two QHD ergonomic desktop monitors that can be independently oriented to form a 32:9 ultrawide display or a 16:18 display, or offer a vertical and horizontal screen simultaneously. The Home Cinema area will exhibit the DVLED Extreme Home Cinema — the company’s first-ever DVLED display series designed specifically for the high-end residential market. The display will be paired with Bang & Olufsen’s flagship Beolab 90 home speaker to deliver an immersive home cinema experience.
  • Creative, film and broadcast professionals may be especially interested in the OLED Pro Creative Studio Zone, which demonstrates the exceptional color, clarity and performance of LG’s 27-inch and 32-inch UltraFine OLED Pro desktop monitors that can be supplemented with monitor hoods. Two 65-inch UltraFine OLED Pro displays, one wall-mounted and the other on a stand, complete the space.
  • The Control Room Zone demonstrates how LG’s 136-inch All-In-One Smart DVLED can be leveraged in command centers. Plus, the company’s 55-inch Even Bezel LCD panels will form a variety of video wall displays with virtually no distinguishable separation between panels. A 43-inch IPS UHD desktop monitor will be displayed alongside a 49-inch IPS Dual QHD UltraWide monitor, offering a 32:9 aspect ratio.
  • The Projector Zone contains three of LG’s high-brightness and short-throw 4K Laser projectors, including the all-new ProBeam BU53PST, showing how the company’s expansive product line offers optimized solutions for virtually every situation and need.

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