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ravenewsicon_apprAVe [PUBS] is the #1 AV (audiovisual) news service in the world. And, now, rAVe [NEWS] is available to anyone with an iPhone or iPad. All the same videos, podcasts, columns, blogs and technology articles are now available to you on your iPhone and iPad in addition to on a desktop.
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Sometimes you just gotta have some fun — that’s why we launched AVstickers!
AVstickers are just what they sound like: AV STICKERS. A couple years ago, Apple added stickers to its texting/SMS app, Messages. So, we decided to have some fun and turn your favorite AV gear into virtual stickers that you can attach to messages for ANYONE you text.

It’s free and it’s fun. Why not?
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agaicon_appAsk Gary Anything is an easy way to anonymously ask rAVe founder Gary Kayye his opinion about products or technology, branding advice, social media marketing or campaigns. In addition to teaching new media technology and branding at the University of North Carolina, Gary has also consulted for companies including Sony, Epson, Philips, Sharp, Barco, Lutron and Domino’s Pizza.
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rAVe’s latest app, PASSPORT, makes it fun to explore a trade show booth. It turns finding products at an exhibitor’s trade show into a game. The more products you see, the more points you earn for prizes and giveaways. PASSPORT takes the old, paper-based bingo-style card that booth personnel “stamps” at trade shows and replaces it with an iPhone app for the show attendee! It’s simple to use, and attendees love it.
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