Visionect and Mercury Partner for Future Smart Public Transport Interactivity

Visionect and Mercury Innovation have combined its experience to produce low power (ePaper) signage technology in customer-focused public transportation products and systems.

Cities and public transport authorities can now turn to digital signage solutions Powered by Visionect and Designed by Mercury Innovation that fulfill all the requirements of a comprehensive public transport information system without the need for cabling, system integrations or expensive installations.

Visionect and Mercury’s e-ink information boards and notification screens balance enhancing serviceability and streamline processes with meeting citizens’ expectations. Supporting energy saving features, they are solar-powered and implementable even at the most demanding of locations, electrical grid or no, featuring superb visibility in all light conditions.

The first of these products is the eStop, a solar-powered bus information board that has been deployed in Sydney, Australia by Transport for NSW, creating excitement with the city’s ridership who have taken to Twitter to rave about the solutions’s design and technology.

Visionect and Mercury Innovation’s past collaboration also includes the world’s first installation of solar powered e-paper traffic signs in Sydney that have now been running more than five years.

You can find Visionect here and Mercury Innovation here.