We’re Back from Integrate with Over 400 Product Videos

In addition to shooting over 400 product videos, we also captured 500 or so photos from the show floor at Integrate 2018. We’ve wrapped it all together via our rAVe NOW coverage and put it here.

So, why do we cover a regional show in Australia? Well, Integrate isn’t your average regionally show; some big-time companies have used Integrate to launch some major products. For example, LG used Integrate to debut OLED technology — and then the next year, they debuted the Wallpaper version of OLED at Integrate. Sonance, this year, used the show to launch its new 37-millimeter (depth) in-ceiling speaker line. And, of course everyone know by now, that Extron used this year’s Integrate to secretly show its AV-over-IP line.

So, Integrate matters.

So, we cover it. And, this year, we shot over 400 videos, 500 photos and covered the entire show floor — and wrapped it all up in one microsite here.

So, check it out!