Procella, Trinnov and Kaleidescape Combine at ISE for Super-Stand

Want an immersive home theater experience at ISE!? When Trinnov announced the Altitude48ext, that gave Porcella more channels to play with. So they’ve redesigned their sound room to take advantage of a higher channel count to produce an immersive and cinematic audio experience.

That means a 21.4.10 channel system. Start with five screen channels — not just L/C/R, but added Left Center and Right Center channels from Dolby Atmos. That’s five of the classic P8, the THX PM3 certified centerpiece of our line-up, plus the venerable dual 18-inch V18 as the dedicated subwoofer for just those channels.

But that’s not the only subwoofer. For maximum LFE intensity, the only choice is the V21. It’s powered by Porcella’s new DA5000-DSP amplifier, which supplies 2,500 watts into EACH of the two 21-inch drivers. This subwoofer will handle only the LFE channel. And finally, for the surrounds and height channels, they’ll be using two Procella dual 15-inch P15-FP subs, powered by the DA2800-DSP amplifier. The ear-level surrounds are all P6Vs and the height channels are P5s.

Here are the channels, speakers and amplification:

  • Screen Channels: Five Procella P8 (powered by Procella DA2800-DSP)
  • Screen Channels Subwoofer: One Procella V18 (powered by Procella DA5000-DSP)
  • LFE/Main Subwoofer: One Procella V21 (powered by Procella DA5000-DSP)
  • Surround/Height Subwoofer: Two Procella P15 (powered by Procella DA2800-DSP)
  • Ear Level Surrounds: 14 Procella P6V (powered by Trinnov Amplitude8)
  • Wide Channels: Two Procella P6V (powered by Trinnov Amplitude8)
  • Screen Height Channels: Three Procella P6V (powered by Trinnov Amplitude8)
  • Atmos Top/Middle/Rear and Auro-3D Top Channels: Seven Procella P5 (powered by Trinnov Amplitude8)
  • Processor: Trinnov Altitude48ext
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Plan to go by Stand 5-U80 at ISE. Porcella is here.

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