Acoustic Geometry Launches Pro Room Packs

Acoustic Geometry announces the launch of Pro Room Packs, a grouping of acoustical products aimed at the professional audio market. 

Available as Pro Room Packs 6, 8, 10, and 12, these groups combine phase-coherent diffusion, low-frequency room mode mitigation, and broadband sound absorption. All Pro Room Packs include Fabric-Wrapped Panels and Ceiling Clouds (absorbers), Curve Diffusors, CornerSorbers and all mounting hardware.  

Pro Room Packs provide pro audio and audiophile professionals with a combination of proven acoustical products, which will greatly benefit nearly all audio spaces, including recording studios, audio post-production rooms, stereo listening rooms, and high-end home theaters. 

Pro Room Packs are available in six ‘ship-from-stock’ fabric color options and 23 additional colors requiring a bit longer lead time. Colors range from Onyx and Birch, to unique color textures such as Beach Glass and Sandy Pebble. 

Here are all the tech specs.

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