Acoustic Geometry Presents Home Room Packs


Acoustic Geometry announces the launch of Home Room Packs, a grouping of acoustical products designed for residential audio spaces. Offering five different options at various price points, these new product packages are designed for multiple rooms in the home. The Home Room Packs were designed to address a range of common residential acoustical challenges. Home Room Packs 1 […]

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Acoustic Geometry Introduces Starfield Ceiling Tiles


Acoustic Geometry has announced the launch of StarField Ceiling Tiles, an acoustical ceiling panel with a realistic star-field effect for home theatres, media rooms, studios, retail spaces and commercial businesses. Providing a “starry night” look, along with acoustical functionality and simple installation, the new tiles improve both sonic and visual quality in nearly any environment. Designed as an […]

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Acoustic Geometry Launches Pro Room Packs


Acoustic Geometry announces the launch of Pro Room Packs, a grouping of acoustical products aimed at the professional audio market. Available as Pro Room Packs 6, 8, 10, and 12, these groups combine phase-coherent diffusion, low-frequency room mode mitigation, and broadband sound absorption. All Pro Room Packs include Fabric-Wrapped Panels and Ceiling Clouds (absorbers), Curve Diffusors, CornerSorbers and all mounting hardware.  Pro Room […]

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Acoustic Geometry Ships CornerSorber


  Acoustic Geometry’s new Acoustic Bass Management (ABM) line, the CornerSorber, is now shipping. This corner-placement bass absorber utilizes a Mass-Loaded Vinyl (MLV) absorption membrane in a cutting-edge design that mitigates low-frequency room modes for accurate sound reproduction in a room. The CornerSorber is a bass absorber design that allows maximum pressure-zone room-mode reduction due to close-corner […]

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