Why Pay Equity Matters in ProAV


Pay equity is the concept of providing equal pay to employees with similar job functions, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity or other status. Seems like a no-brainer, but recent AVIXA research has indicated there is a large wage gap in ProAV — one in terms of race and the other in terms of sex. […]

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ProAV: Are Women Fully Welcome?


By Peter Hansen and Joé Lloyd AVIXA So many of us have found our home here in the ProAV community. We’ve entered, been made to feel comfortable, developed professionally, even thrived. But not everyone shares this experience. As our data shows, women have not necessarily found their forever home in this industry. With underrepresentation at the forefront, possible […]

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Better Is Not Good Enough: The Racial Pay Gap Still Exists


By Peter Hansen and Joé Lloyd AVIXA ProAV is facing what is probably the tightest labor market in its history, with company labor needs greatly outstripping worker availability. As detailed in our latest “Macroeconomic Trends Analysis” report, these conditions have created major hiring and retention difficulties that companies are struggling to solve. When it comes […]

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