AKG Debuts New AKG HC644 and LC617 Hands-Free Microphones


HARMAN Professional Solutions today introduced the AKG HC644 head-worn and LC617 lavalier microphones for presentation and speech applications. The new microphones are directly compatible with all AKG body-pack wireless transmitters and are adaptable to most popular wireless systems, making them ideal for presentations in classrooms, lecture halls and multiuse event facilities of any size. AKG […]

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Denon Debuts White Podium


The Lectern Active White is a portable audio lectern for multi-media presentations — designed for hotels, churches, conference rooms and convention centers. This all-in-one unit is loaded with professional features and convenient touches, all designed to make any public speaking or presentation engagement a snap. This product eliminates the need for separate tripod stands, bulky […]

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Barco’s Meeting Survey Finds When Technology Doesn’t Work, We ALL Get Stressed — Duh?


A week or so ago, I received a press release from Barco about a survey they did — it started, “9 in 10 office workers experience seriously elevated stress levels when dealing with troublesome technology during meetings.” Duh, right? Well, did you know that everyone’s stress level goes up when tech doesn’t work right — not just […]

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The Best (Non-AV) Tech to Have During a Boardroom Meeting


Over the last few decades, boardrooms have undergone major changes. Chances are the boardroom you sit in today is a far cry from those of yesteryear. Businesses have wised up to the fact that polished tables and plush leather chairs are no longer enough to furnish a boardroom – various tech tools and programs are […]

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Will 2015 Spell the End for PowerPoint?


In 1992 as CGA/EGA morphed to VGA, Harvard Graphics was slowly being displaced by Microsoft’s new PowerPoint presentation software. It offered more colors, transitions and flexibility as displays and projectors became ‘active.’ Now as I venture to InfoComm after a two year absence, I seek new tools for apps and programs to ‘save us from […]

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