XTEN-AV’s First Platinum OEM Partner is AtlasIED

June 5, 2019

AtlasIED has become the first Platinum OEM partner on the XTEN-AV platform. As part of this association, XTEN-AV and AtlasIED will work towards bringing regular updates and product information to users of the platform for designing AV solutions. This constant information flow to users about AtlasIED products will empower them to achieve higher client success […]

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Cybersecurity and the Problem with OEMs

May 22, 2019

Last year, Crestron was the focus of some cyber activists who found vulnerabilities in Crestron touch controllers that could theoretically allow someone to use touch screens to spy on the person in the same room. This was covered in a class at a hacktivist conference called DEFCON and subsequently was written up in WIRED Magazine. […]

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The Real Cost of a Product

October 11, 2017

Any one in the AV industry who specifies, purchases, sells or buys the essentials we use every day to build our systems knows that these “products” have a host of internal costs built into the price we pay. Let me be very clear, the price I am talking about is the net cost of the […]

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Is Delta Displays Smart Enough to Pull it Off – Or Has It Already?

January 11, 2016

You are likely using a Delta Displays projector — or have recently. But I’ll bet you that you didn’t even know it. How’s this possible? Well, they are one of the largest OEMs of projectors in the world. They have made projectors for Hitachi, NEC, Christie, Barco, BenQ (even though no one know this, it’s […]

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