AV People: Joe Hillis of ITDRC


By Molly Stillman You may or may not know Joe Hillis. He’s been a systems engineer who spent most of his life working IT in public safety before retiring in 2004. He then went to work for himself as an IT consultant for small businesses. He knows technology, he lives technology and he breathes technology. […]

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AV People: Pierre Richer of NEC


By Molly Stillman Everyone knows Pierre Richer as the creative AV industry guy who is the president and CEO of NEC. (He also wears great shirts.) Pierre is a naturally born French Canadian who started in the AV industry working for InFocus in 1996 selling LCD tablets even before projectors were part of this industry.  […]

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WAVEcast Episode 4: Young WAVE!


Episode 4: Recorded on July 20, 2012 Listen to the young Women in AV discuss what it means to be starting out in their career and what the futures holds for being a female in our industry. Jessica Spicer, AVI-SPL, Olivia Dumanovsky, Pakedge Device and Software, Molly Stillman rAVe [Publications], and Amy Fulton, Advanced AV share their thoughts and experience about everything […]

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