Are HDMI, LLC and MPEG LA, LLC Part of the Digital Mafia?


I was talking to one of my oldest industry friends at ISE this week here in Amsterdam and he told me how he’d be “shaken-down” by the MPEG LA (the licensing people for DisplayPort). Basically, some two years after he’d been selling products with DisplayPort ports, he was called, out of the blue, by the MPEG LA […]

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NSCA Announces Partnership with API Processing


NSCA’s partnership with Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-based API Processing is designed help integrators navigate state licensing requirements. As integrators often struggle with understanding, completing, and maintaining all of the necessary licenses required for the work they’re doing across the country, applications can be denied due to mistakes or lack of required documentation. “Licensing laws are just […]

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NSCA Releases 2015 Guide to State Licensing for Contractors


The National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) has announced its 2015 Guide to State Licensing. The report provides the commercial electronic systems industry with a reference guide of state laws governing the installation of low-voltage systems. The 2015 Guide to State Licensing offers an overview of licensing requirements and state code for each U.S. state. The […]

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