NSCA Updates Labor Installation Standard Data for 2018

June 22, 2018

NSCA has released updated Labor Installation Standard guidelines for 2018, providing information that systems integrators can use to accurately estimate labor units. As the result of a thorough, months-long peer review by a team of experts from around the country, the new guidelines detail the amount of time it takes to complete project-related tasks, factoring […]

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The Real Cost of a Product

October 11, 2017

Any one in the AV industry who specifies, purchases, sells or buys the essentials we use every day to build our systems knows that these “products” have a host of internal costs built into the price we pay. Let me be very clear, the price I am talking about is the net cost of the […]

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Never Mind Smart Wiring: How About Wiring Smart?

December 9, 2014

Wiring is the foundation of AV installation. Without that foundation, everything else that follows is on shaky ground. As fundamental as it seems, it’s too important to take for granted. It’s worth looking at the nuances of home run and series wiring, and their respective applications, as well as how to most effectively estimate wiring […]

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