The Farmer and the Porsche

July 28, 2021

You know, I don’t normally write about sales-related topics. But I’ve always liked this story my dad told me when I first started out in AV/IT/automation over 20 years ago. It’s one of the many awesome #DadAdvice tidbits I got over the years as a second-generation entrepreneur. Though he was a pinstriper and signwriter and […]

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IC17: AV Start-Up Showcase Big Hit

July 27, 2017

When the IC-2015 show opened at 9 a.m. I recall that it was several hours before the first show attendee came wondering into the Showcase, and well after lunch before anyone would say there was a semblance of a crowd. The Showcase was a new event and word sometimes travels slow. Fast-Forward to IC17 and […]

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Building a Service Using the Lean Startup Model

July 5, 2016

I recently read The Lean Startup by Eric Ries and could not help but think about how IT and AV could benefit from the processes Ries defines. I particularly found myself thinking of the AV integrators and the struggle that some of them have right now with the small margins they are receiving on equipment. […]

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An Interview with Richard Blackwell About InfoComm’s Innovation Pavilion

June 30, 2015

InfoComm 2015 is now over, with most of our coverage finished up. One unique new feature at the show this year was the Innovation Pavilion, a space for start-up companies exhibiting for the first time at InfoComm (first time for the company, not necessarily the founders, some of whom were actually industry vets). The pavilion […]

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Women in AV: The Three – Cory Schaeffer, Listen Technologies

September 8, 2014

Note: This series is being written along with two outstanding women in the industry, Penny Sitler of Draper Inc. who will handle content and interview for Part Two and Kelly Perkins of AVI Systems, who will handle the same for Part Three. I am handling this Part One of the series. And why not? — […]

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